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Deguellos Against the Grain "Checker"

I am so proud to announce this beautiful girl by ASCA Premier Ch. German Ch. KoKo Blue x Indian Dream San Dimas CHECKER is going to stay @ Deguellos !!

She is all i hoped for and so welcome ! It took me 4 years of planning, hoping and dreaming, KoKo Blue and Dimas made my dreams come true !

Checker is a a beautiful Blue Bi girl, she rules my puppy-pack, but Mommy, Daddy and Oncle Elmo will help her on her way.
CHECKER will be Deguellos future, watch her steps in live !

Puppy\'s are born May 9 2013

KoKo Blue and Dimas gave us 3 boys and 6 ladys, pictures following soon..

KoKo Blue x Dimas Littter

Litter Expected May 2013 KoKo Blue x Dimas

We are so excited to be able to announce;
KoKo Blue and Dimas are having puppies!

After years of dreaming, planning and preparation we are so lucky to be able to say puppies are due in May.

We are looking forward very much to this spring litter.
We are so thrilled with this breeding we will keep a puppy out of this litter for ourselves!

KoKo Blue is a dream come true, she is a very sound bitch with the most adorable character I have ever seen, always happy, always by my side, always ready to do whatever I want her to do, with a big smile and a kiss. KoKo Blue is a true show-girl, she loves to be groomed and brushed, and she loves to get everybody’s attention. She might look like her lovely mother Lucy, but in character she is so much like her father Keegan.

Dimas is the one that made me fall in love with our breed, my sole-mate, so easy to train, so much fun in whatever we do, a wonderful obedience dog, a beautiful show dog, a smart doggy dancer, a fast agility runner, an instinctive sheep-herding dog, and the best Treibball player. Dimas does everything with his heart and sole always giving everything he’s got.

At Deguellos we strongly believe in breeding to the standard with a high demand to excel in all venues as health, performance, conformation and temperament. We are member off CASD [VDH/FCI], witch means we breed within extremely strict breeding regulation, the health and circumstances of our breeding is checked, because we stand strong for high quality breeding and protection off the dogs we love so much. Both parents have been checked for HD, ED, OCD, MDR1, HSF4, CEA, PRA, PH and are DNA VP. They will be both FCI and ASCA registered. We expect blacks and blue’s, but both where never checked for the red-factor gene, so live is like a box off chocolates, you never know what’s in it!

You can contact me for further information
by mail
or phone +0049 (0)2851965324 mobile +0031 (0)628376101

ASCA Nationals Bakersfield California : California Dreamin 2012

... WAUW... !! KoKo Blue Premier Champion Bitch by Alan McCorkle ! 

ASCA Nationals Bakersfield California 2012

Elmo did great !!

Open red intact dogs :

Conformation Pre Show Delta ASF, 2e by Regina Blair
Conformation Pre Show PASA, 4e by Ms. Rhona Silveira
ASCA Nationals Specialty, 3e by Kiddy Christie


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