KoKo Blue

We are planning a litter with Dimas and KoKo Blue for spring 2013 !

Hier gehts zur Wurf-Galerie



Hier gehts zur Wurf-Galerie






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Deguellos Against the Grain "Checker"

I am so proud to announce this beautiful girl by ASCA Premier Ch. German Ch. KoKo Blue x Indian Dream San Dimas CHECKER is going to stay @ Deguellos !!

She is all i hoped for and so welcome ! It took me 4 years of planning, hoping and dreaming, KoKo Blue and Dimas made my dreams come true !

Checker is a a beautiful Blue Bi girl, she rules my puppy-pack, but Mommy, Daddy and Oncle Elmo will help her on her way.
CHECKER will be Deguellos future, watch her steps in live !

Some Puppy

Some Puppy's are still looking for a new home !

More pictures on this link:

https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.610212778998138.1073741844.100000282655444&type=1&l=58f9474779 https://picasaweb.google.com/sb081039/KoKoBlueXDimasWeek67?authuser=0&feat=directlink

Puppy\'s are born May 9 2013

KoKo Blue and Dimas gave us 3 boys and 6 ladys, pictures following soon..

KoKo Blue x Dimas Littter

Litter Expected May 2013 KoKo Blue x Dimas

We are so excited to be able to announce;
KoKo Blue and Dimas are having puppies!

After years of dreaming, planning and preparation we are so lucky to be able to say puppies are due in May.

We are looking forward very much to this spring litter.
We are so thrilled with this breeding we will keep a puppy out of this litter for ourselves!

KoKo Blue is a dream come true, she is a very sound bitch with the most adorable character I have ever seen, always happy, always by my side, always ready to do whatever I want her to do, with a big smile and a kiss. KoKo Blue is a true show-girl, she loves to be groomed and brushed, and she loves to get everybody’s attention. She might look like her lovely mother Lucy, but in character she is so much like her father Keegan.

Dimas is the one that made me fall in love with our breed, my sole-mate, so easy to train, so much fun in whatever we do, a wonderful obedience dog, a beautiful show dog, a smart doggy dancer, a fast agility runner, an instinctive sheep-herding dog, and the best Treibball player. Dimas does everything with his heart and sole always giving everything he’s got.

At Deguellos we strongly believe in breeding to the standard with a high demand to excel in all venues as health, performance, conformation and temperament. We are member off CASD [VDH/FCI], witch means we breed within extremely strict breeding regulation, the health and circumstances of our breeding is checked, because we stand strong for high quality breeding and protection off the dogs we love so much. Both parents have been checked for HD, ED, OCD, MDR1, HSF4, CEA, PRA, PH and are DNA VP. They will be both FCI and ASCA registered. We expect blacks and blue’s, but both where never checked for the red-factor gene, so live is like a box off chocolates, you never know what’s in it!

You can contact me for further information
by mail reninca.lenting@deguellos.de
or phone +0049 (0)2851965324 mobile +0031 (0)628376101

ASCA Nationals Bakersfield California : California Dreamin 2012

... WAUW... !! KoKo Blue Premier Champion Bitch by Alan McCorkle ! 

ASCA Nationals Bakersfield California 2012

Elmo did great !!

Open red intact dogs :

Conformation Pre Show Delta ASF, 2e by Regina Blair
Conformation Pre Show PASA, 4e by Ms. Rhona Silveira
ASCA Nationals Specialty, 3e by Kiddy Christie


ASCA Ch. KoKo Blue finished for German Championship in Dortmund Germany ! gogo KoKo ! Thank u so much judges Walter Schicker, Leos Jancik, Bianca Heideveld, Hassi Assenmacher Feyel, and Wilfried Peper !


KoKo Blue went WB/BOW at the LASC Show in Belgium and is now ASCA Ch. KoKo Blue ! Thank you so much for giving her three 5-point Majors Judges Kiddy Christie, Shelly Hollen-Wood and Kimberly Golden ! I am so proud of her !

My Dogs

On my site i have a new link "Hunde" [dogs] now, but still havent found time to update pedigrees and health details on my 3 musketiers, Indian Dream San Dimas "Dimas", KoKo Blue, and Illumineer Branbury Glen "Elmo". Please dont hesitate to send me a email with all the questions you have to : reninca.lenting@deguellos.de 

Short list;

: Born march 5, 2007, DNA-VP, Hips Elbows, OFA Excellent OFA Normal / Wittenborg A Grad 0, HSF4 n/n [free] MDR1 +/+ Pelger Huet negative [free] Eyes cleared yearly. FCI and ASCA Registered. Pedigree
http://www.deguellos.de/artikel.php?action=2&k=4 Breeder K.J. Boer-Bouma http://www.indiandream.nl/

KoKo Blue : Born July 11, 2009, DNA VP, Hips OFA Excellent / A1, Elbows OFA Normal / Grad 0, OCD free, HSF4 n/n [free] MDR1 +/+ Pelger Huet positief, prcd-PRA n/n [free], CEA n/n [free] Eyes cleared yearly. FCI and ASCA Registered. Accomplishments ASCA Champion of record, German Champion.  Pedigree Dam: Love is Xtreme at Snowcrest DNA-VP Sire: BIS BISS ASCA HOF ASCA/AKC/CKC CH.Bayoulands Creme Brulee AKC ROM I CGC 

Elmo : Born march 5, 2011, DNA CP Hips Elbows too young / HSF4 n/n [free] MDR1 -/- prcd-PRA n/n [free], CEA n/n [free] Eyes cleared yearly. FCI and ASCA Registered. Pedigree http://www.deguellos.de/galerie.php?action=15&ref_id=29 Accomplishments German youth Champion, German Club youth Champion, EuropaJugendSieger, Rheinlandsieger,Ortenau-Jugend-Sieger. Breeder Naja J. Inge Baaring http://www.illumineer.dk/elmoegenside.htm 

’’’KoKo Blue and Elmo will be visiting the ASCA NATIONALS California in november 2012’’’

VDH Dortmund AND ASCD show Konigswinter Germany in one weekend very succesfull !

It has been such a thrilling weekend, Elmo winning German youth-Championship and KoKo Blue WB/BOW it was so exciting and everything i could have dreamed for to win this weekend !!

KoKo Blue, WB / BOS & Queen of open Blue in Belgium

 We are back ffrom a fantastic Belgium LASC show. First off all thank u so much to the great people of LASC for again, as always, a very well organised show, i love your shows, thanks for your hard work! After 21 ring-runs i am so proud on or achievements : BollwerksMy First Lady, bred by, and owned by Mebo Bollwerks, with a tender age of 4 months Best in Show unther judge Shelly Hollen-Wood and BOB puppy by judge @andrea Torres, My happy girl KoKo Blue loved to show again and did it with style finaly after multiple rwb, she now took her first WB and 5 point major ASCA, and a BOS by judge Shelly Hollen, and a pick for WB by judge Trisha Hiring, again, the queen of open blue with 3 class wins. Indian Dream San Dimas 2e and 3e place, loved the ring in the rain, and my big babyIllumineer Branbury Glen also a 2e and 3e place in 12 to 18 class, and first time in the best dog ring, Fotos will be here later on!

Double Birthday today

Happy Birthday Today my lovely boys !!
Its double party time today with both my boys !!
Dimas turned 5 years, Elmo has his first birthday,
Thank you so much Klaske from Indian Dream, and Naja from Illumineer for this best friends !!

Euro Show Weekend Leeuwarden

Finaly back home from a long show-weekend. Thursday at the European dog show Leeuwarden Holland Illumineer Branbury Glen "Elmo" got 1e place baby dogs, Saturday at the Euro Aussie show Elmo 2e place baby dogs, Indian Dream San Dimas a 3e place in a huge and strong Open Class, Sunday at the European dog show Elmo 2e place baby dogs and KoKo Blue 4e place in a huge open class. Elmo's daddy Diablo won best male (BOS) and got the title “Europe winner 2011, Congrats to Kennel Leading Angel's ! Now we can rest a couple of days which we need for the upcoming ASCA show in Belgium next weekend !!

ASCA Conformation Show Freiburg Germany 15-17 July 2011

We joined the ASCA Conformation Show 2011 in Freiburg Germany 15-17 July 2011.
It was a wonderful weekend again, with great results !!

KoKo Blue was the Queen of Open Blue again, with 3 first places in the Open Blue Merle Class under Judges Rhonda Silveira, Heather Herron, and Heather Braddock with two times pick for WB.

Dimas had a well deserved 3e place in Open Black under Judge Heather Herron,

and a stunning career-start for little Elmo who ruled the 4-6 Months Dog Classes with 2 first places, 1 under Judge Heather Braddock, and one under Judge Heather Herron, with a stunning BOSP !!!

Test results Elmo

The first test results for blood testing on Elmo came in today from Laboklin and Optigen;

MDR1 -/-
PRA N/N [frei]
CEA N/N [frei]
HSF4 N/N [frei]


This is Bambi, she is our adoption sheep and lives in France

Sheep herding France

We had a fantastic week of sheep herding in France.
Dimas, KoKo Blue and Elmo finaly had there date with sheep, and lots of them !

We booked a week sheep training at Charmille in Saint Firmin sur Loire,
It is beautiful to see how my Aussies, who have never before seen any sheep,
got back to there roots and new what they had to do, better then i did.
At the end they where able to herd this large group of sheep through this beautiful nature-park along the rive "Loire".
They did so well !!

I updated some beautiful pictures in my Galerie, to give you an idea of what we did,

If you want some time out with full of nature, dogs and sheep this is the place to go !
www.charmille.nl They can train you and your dogs, and speek multiple languages

ASCD Rangliste

Die Ranglisten des ASCD e. V.
Junior Showmanship & Conformation
Stand Mai 2011

Intact Conformation
8. Platz Koko Blue

Welcome ELMO

We are so happy to be able to welcome a new friend in our house!!
Illumineer Branbury Glen “ELMO” is joining our little family,

Welcome ELMO !!

Thank you so much for this stunning and sweet boy Naja Baaring [ Illumineer Denmark ]
Elmo is out of Multi Ch Thornapple Aftershock “ Diablo” and Ch Rosemere Twinklefly “Pippi”

Elmo is born 5 march 2011 in Denmark.
Watch this boy going in the show ring!! He has a great future coming up!!

You see Elmo: I love you so much!!

ASCA Show Königswinter Germany 2011

We just came back from the ASCA Show in Konigswinter Germany, and are thrilled about our results !!
KoKo Blue saturday 1e in open Blue and RESERVE WINNERS BITCH !!! Sonday 2e place in a huge class open blue. Thank you Svenja Hagedorn for the fantastic handling, i could see KoKo Blue enjoyed beeing with you again !!
Indian Dream San Dimas saturday 2e place open black, sunday 4e place open black,
and Illumineer Branbury Glen "Elmo" had a great first show and even stopped biting my shoes for a couple of minutes ;) Watch out for him coming back strong next time !! Thank you everyone for your great help to make this results possibel !! Elmo is saying thanks all people for the hugs, the kisses, the playing and walks !!

Love is Xtreme at Snowcrest Lucy

Love is Xtreme at Snowcrest "Lucy"

20 september 2005 - 7 februari 2011

In Memoriam

Words cannot express my sadness..
Thank you for coming into my live..
Im glad to have meet such a special girl...
I see you in the eyes of your daughter KoKo Blue..
I will never forget you...My love for you is Xtreme..
go live your live in paradise...


Texas Painted Black STDscd

12 juli 1997 - 11 januari 2011

In Memoriam



Ch. War Drum of Imagineer STDcd OTDs, JW'97, W'98, W'99, UV

15 january 1997 - 14 january 2011

In Memoriam



Watch this video !! I love it !


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